General questions

Why The Secret Card?

This is not just an amazing and original gift, which helps your dad to feel very special, but at the same time it means you will get the first part of the gift very fast - the next business day after your purchase.

Even if it might take a few weeks to deliver the Precious Gift, you will not have to worry about this, because you may give the Secret Card to your dad tomorrow!

Must I add my own text and upload photos to the Greeting Page?

No - it is your personal choice.

If you are happy with the existing greeting text, you may leave additional text and photo gallery empty. Empty parts will not be visible in the Greeting Page.

We simply give you a chance to share a few personal words or memories if you wish to make the Greeting Page even more emotional and unique.

Shipping and Tracking

Shipping period of the Secret Card

It is shipped via TNT Express, which means the Secret Card will be delivered next business day across EU and the UK!

Shipping period of the Precious Gift

Once completed and packed, The Precious Gift is shipped with DPD Standard or DHL Standard delivery services and it usually takes around 5 days to be delivered accross EU and the UK.

Will I get tracking information? Will my dad see it as well?

Yes. You will get tracking link to your email as soon as we ship the Secret Card and the Precious Gift.
At the same time your dad will see the progress of the Precious Gift preparation and shipping details in his Greeting Page.

Additional Tips

Tip 1: Choose to deliver the Secret Card to you

We strongly recommend to choose the delivery of the Secret Card directly to you, so you can give the first gift by yourself. It is always a better effect if your dad receives this gift directly from you, not courier. However if you are not able to meet your dad, there is an option for you to choose delivery of the Secret Card directly to your dad.

Tip 2: Choose to deliver the Precious Gift to your dad

Your dad will be waiting for the Precious Gift to be delivered as soon as it is completed and packed. You should not make him wait any longer until you have a chance to meet him. What is more, unpacking of this amazing gift is a part of your dad's experience, so you should leave it solely to your dad. Of course, you can always choose delivery to you if you prefer to give the Precious Gift by yourself.


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