We are proud to present

this amazing HANDRAFTED AXE, which is a perfect symbol of masculinity, ancestry and the true values of fatherhood.

These historical runes represent not only your gratitude, but also the key elements of fatherhood:

GEBO symbolizes a Gift and Generosity

WUNJO symbolizes Joy, Reward and Harmony

FEHU symbolizes Success and Security

TIWAZ symbolizes Masculinity, Justice, Leadership and Logic

ALGIZ symbolizes Protection, Defense and Guardianship

INGUZ symbolizes Goals and Growth

OTHALA symbolizes Ancestry, Experience and Heritage


It's the only such Experience for DAD in the world. He will be intrigued, pleased and surprised.

It’s not just a gift – it’s a feeling of being

The Secret Card
The Secret Card

The Secret Card is the first stage. It creates intrigue and makes your DAD feel very special.

It’s a luxury titanium card with engraved Secret Key, which unlocks the Greeting Page.

Next business day delivery!

More about the Secret Card

The Greeting Page
The Greeting Page

The Greeting Page is the second stage. It is meaningful, pleasing and a bit emotional.

It’s your DAD’s personal page with nice words and some photos you upload. 

More about the Greeting Page


The Precious Gift
The Precious Gift

It’s the third stage. It will surprise your DAD with its uniqueness.

This amazing HANDCRAFTED AXE will be a perfect gift for your DAD.

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Order it now for 525.00€ and surprise

your dad with this unforgettable experience!


Packing & Gift Wrapping

You do not need to worry about gift wrapping, because we already took care of it!

key features:

  • Handcrafted handle, made of ash wood
  • An axe head handmade by blacksmith
  • Acid etched runes on metal head
  • Natural leather cover case for the blade
  • Wooden Stand: handmade (Optional Choice)
  • Currently: In Stock

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